Acne Scars

To treat Acne Scars, it is essential to understand different types of scarring (hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars ie. rolling, box car, icepick scars) as treatment of each scar type has different protocols and require different approaches. Certain specialised skills and different equipment are also required depending on scar type. This module will guide practitioners… Continue reading Acne Scars

Cosmetic Skin Conditions

This course is a compilation of cosmetic skin conditions for the aesthetic practitioner. It covers the most common skin problems that present in cosmetic practice and conditions within the scope of treatment by an aesthetic practitioner. Rather than listing all potential treatment options like traditional textbooks, this course aims to highlight the “treatment of choice”… Continue reading Cosmetic Skin Conditions

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Moles are amongst the commonest skin lesions encountered in cosmetic dermatology. Though usually benign, many consider moles unsightly and opt to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. The Cosmetic Mole Removal module focuses on various techniques used to achieve aesthetic removal of benign moles without scarring. The clinician should have prior experience in excluding malignancy… Continue reading Cosmetic Mole Removal

Fundamentals Of Skin Science

Fundamentals of Skin Science has been designed for aesthetic doctors, dentists, nurses and beauty therapists alike to learn and review their knowledge of skin science and diagnose simple skin conditions. This course will help you build a strong foundation in skin science that you will need as a successful, all-rounded aesthetics practitioner. It is suitable… Continue reading Fundamentals Of Skin Science

Introduction To Skin Lesion Identification

Introduction To Skin Lesion Identification And Dermatoscopy has been developed for cosmetic practitioners to have an opportunity to learn to identify simple and complex skin lesions, including skin cancers and the use of the dermatoscope as a diagnostic tool. It can be very challenging when one is presented with a mole on the patient’s treatment… Continue reading Introduction To Skin Lesion Identification

Liquid Gold and Platelet-Rich Fribin (PRF) Therapy

Liquid Gold technology in cosmetic medicine is a relatively new yet effective cutting-edge treatment that uses the plasma in the patient’s own blood to treat certain skin conditions, as well as for hair regrowth. A popular, in-demand treatment is Liquid Gold microneedling, which consumers have commonly referred to as the ‘Vampire Facial’ following celebrity publicity.… Continue reading Liquid Gold and Platelet-Rich Fribin (PRF) Therapy

Skin Care and Skin Therapy

Skin Care and Skin Therapy is an integral part of any successful beauty clinic or aesthetic practice. This course will cover the fundamentals of skin care for both in-clinic use and home based treatments. You will learn how to recommend appropriate products to help achieve the results your patients desire. This course also covers how… Continue reading Skin Care and Skin Therapy

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