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Using Radiowaves Surgery Webinar with Cynosure

Treating Skin Conditions and Chemical Peels Webinar

Insight on learning Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

Injectable Videos

Five Golden Rules


Necrosis Case Study



Periorbital Area

Tear Trough

Neurotoxin Forehead


Trainers Insight Series

Tear Trough

Cheek Filler

Radiofrequency Devices

Temple Filler

Acne Scars

Chin Filler

Essential Knowledge for Injectors

Case Studies

Tear Trough Filler Case Study

Brow Filler Case Study

Glabella Case Study

Skin Videos

Treating Skin Condition Webinar

Understanding Science of Ageing Skin Webinar

Shave biopsy with cooling device anaesthesia

Threads Videos

Dr Ben Chan discusses Thread procedures

Dr Ben Chan Interview about his threads experience

Lasers, RF and Surgitron Equipment Videos

Using Radiowaves Surgery Webinar with Cynosure

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fundamentals of Skin Science would be best suited to your requirements, along with our Skin Care & Skin Therapy Course.

We would recommend the Fundamentals of Skin Science to start you off. Once completed you can participate in some of the other courses we have available. See our skin pathway here. 1

Yes, our Skin Lesion Identification and Cosmetic Dermatology courses will provide you with knowledge in skin lesions and more. We will also be providing an Acne Scarring Module soon which would be very beneficial.

Unfortunately, we do not teach Liquid Gold for joints and injuries. Our Liquid Gold courses are primarily for cosmetic use but the preparation is the same.

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