The courses offered by Aesthetic and Skin Institute are a fantasting starting point for learning all the relevant anatomy and physiology and safe injecting principles. I have now completed two short courses (cosmetic injectables) and have found them thoroughly informative and integral to my growth in the industry.

- Layla Dimesiez

Great short course to get a basic and general understanding of skin lesions and dermatoscopy. All therapists should complete this as a minimum.

- Jessica Alban

Anatomy for Injectors is a great source of information for both the seasoned and beginner injector. It highlights the most important points that we need to be aware of as we seek for the best patient outcomes but always keeping patient safety paramount.

- Dr Nik Davies

The information provided in the course was very useful and easy to understand. It was broken down into small chunks that were applicable to the cosmetic injectables industry

- Dr Melanie Jacobs

An essential learning tool for all aesthetic injectors .. a must have !!

- Dr Lee Walker

I really enjoyed doing these courses, they lay out all the information you need so you can complete it quickly and feel more confident in practice. It is also much cheaper than competitor courses and you can pay it off each course as you go instead of all at once which I really appreciated.

- Dr John Adams

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