Private/Corporate Training

Whether you are in Australia or anywhere else in the world, Aesthetics and Skin Institute can provide personalised private training for individuals and teams.

We are committed to raising the standard of the aesthetics industry by providing best-in-class training for all doctors, dentists, nurses and skin therapists.

Corporate Training

We understand that one of the biggest pain points for practice owners is training. Running a business is time and resource intensive in itself, and executing a quality training program for your organisation may be challenging to prioritise.

Backed by over 30 years of experience in running successful clinics, ASI can be a trusted training partner for your team’s success. We are able to customise our online and hands-on courses to suit your clinic’s budget, experience levels and scope of practice.


  • Enhance staff retention and satisfaction
  • Improve safety and quality of treatments
  • Gain back time to focus on other business priorities

Private Training

Although our class sizes are always kept small, some practitioners may highly benefit from one-on-one training sessions to help them accelerate their learning. Private training is not only beneficial for those who want to develop a new expertise, but also for those who would like to build confidence and competency in their existing skill set. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or skin therapist, our team of experienced trainers can personalise their teaching to suit your goals and requirements.


Are you a medical aesthetics supplier? Or an educational organisation? Partnering with Aesthetics and Skin Institute can help outsource your training and increase the value and credibility of your offerings. Over the years, we have collaborated with many like-minded and reputable partners to create personalised training and joint education programs to help grow their business.
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