VIC Liquid Gold and PRF Hands-On Training

Liquid Gold technology in cosmetic medicine is a relatively new yet effective cutting-edge treatment that uses the plasma in the patient’s own blood to treat certain skin conditions, as well as for hair regrowth. A popular, in-demand treatment is Liquid Gold microneedling, which consumers have commonly referred to as the ‘Vampire Facial’ following celebrity publicity.… Continue reading VIC Liquid Gold and PRF Hands-On Training

VIC Lipodissolve Hands-On Training

Lipodissolve, or fat dissolving injections, are a procedure that involves injection of deoxycholic acid to cause lipolysis, the destruction of fat cells. This treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years for patients who look for non-invasive and low-effort body sculpting and fat loss treatments. The fat dissolving injections are designed to reducing localised fat… Continue reading VIC Lipodissolve Hands-On Training

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